Finding account holders of deceased legatees.

Securing documented proof sufficient to support a legal petition.

Investigation of claims where the accuracy is questioned.

Probate / Unclaimed Estates

Locating unclaimed accounts and estates, using the most advanced techniques.

Discovery of additional heirs or persons of closer degree of relationship than those already claiming.

It is very common for accounts and estates to go unclaimed. Generally, this is because the whereabouts or identity of its heirs are unknown. The Marion Wilcox Corporation is a group of legal and research experts who search for 'missing' heirs, and notify them about what is rightfully theirs. 

We take great pride in our ability to seek out unknown heirs using our advanced research techniques. Our access includes, but is not limited to: census, probates, vital records, military records, immigration and naturalization, social security, newspapers, city directories, history books, voter registration, and exclusive professional databases.


Worldwide research.

Research can be done at no up front cost to the estate. Fees can be negotiated on a basis directly with the heirs or may be be negotiated by the administrator.

Research performed confidentially and professionally.

Marion Wilcox Corporation

Probate Researchers